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and influencers
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KineMaster is
an affordable,
go-to tool
for producing
compelling video

For creative
impressive range
of features make
it possible to
create top notch
videos on the go.

Video Templates for Everyone!

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Festival/Holiday · Social Media · Vlog · Review/Tutorial ·

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videos in seconds.


pre-made video
templates or create your
own masterpiece.


your own videos and
images with incredible
visual and audio effects.


your videos and share
them with the world.

Video Editing for Everyone

KineMaster provides a versatile, dynamic editing experience.
KineMaster is currently available for iOS and Android.
KineMaster performs powerfully on a phone or tablet.
For a more flexible editing experience, try KineMaster on
Apple M chip devices or with Samsung DeX.

KineMaster: Creativity Made Easy

KineMaster is designed to make finding inspiration and creating
amazing content an easy experience.

Mix it Up!

  • Swipe through the Mix screen to like, share
    and download trending video templates.

Search for Inspiration

  • Dive into an ever-growing Search gallery,
    where countless video templates await.

Customize Your Video Templates

  • Download video templates and replace media
    to create your own professional videos.

Create Amazing Content

  • Create a masterpiece with KineMaster’s
    intuitive features, tools and assets.

Learn Intuitively

  • In-app tutorials make it easier than ever to
    turn your ideas into reality.

Create Your Profile

  • Save liked video templates and create your
    own world of creativity in the Me screen.

KineMaster’s Key Features

Built In Creativity

KineMaster has an endless supply of ready-made video templates made to inspire
creation. Download, customize, and share with just a few taps!

Make It Unique

KineMaster’s Asset Store has thousands of effects, transitions, graphics and more
that will transform any video templates into a masterpiece.

The Perfect Shot

Color grade your footage to perfection with KineMaster’s wide range of preset
Filters! Fine tune with Adjustments, and transform with Blending Modes and
Opacity control.

Write Your Story

Add handwriting, custom shapes, and text layers to your KineMaster video
templates in a wide range of fonts. Shadow, Glow and Outline allow you to add
professional effects with a tap.

Turn Up the Volume

KineMaster’s next-level audio features allow you to have a multi track sound studio in your pocket. Use Reverb, Mixing, Keyframing
and more to create unique sound experiences!.

Save, Share, & Collaborate

KineMaster allows you to save and share your videos at a crystal clear 4K 60FPS
resolution, or export as a .kine file! Share and collaborate with .kine files to level
up your workflow.

Go Premium

Unlock the full power of KineMaster with a Premium subscription! KineMaster
Premium removes the watermark, ads, and provides full access
to the thousands of assets in the Asset Store.

The Premium

Take your videos to the next level and
unlock even more with a KineMaster
Premium subscription!

KineMaster Premium is a subscription
service with annual and monthly
options that removes the watermark,
advertising, and provides unlimited
access to the entire KineMaster
Asset Store. Users can subscribe
to Premium by tapping the Crown
button on the Create screen.

Disclaimer: Pricing may vary depending on region and app store.

KineMaster: More Than an App

KineMaster is proud to have a vibrant social community with millions
of followers from all over the world. Users from every background are
empowered to create, learn, and share their creations on our social
media channels. KineMaster’s community website features detailed
information on every aspect of editing in KineMaster.

Learn the basics of KineMaster’s workflow and level up your skills with clever editing tricks from featured KineMasters on YouTube.

Get inspired with tips, tricks, and videos that show the many ways you can use KineMaster to create your next masterpiece on Instagram.

Get involved with KineMaster events, interact with users from around the world, and speak with KineMaster staff directly on Facebook..

Learn how to create trendy, short videos on TikTok, #MadewithKineMaster!!

Get your work seen by KineMaster team members on Reddit!

Stay up to date with all things KineMaster, send us a tweet and get direct support on Twitter.

Learn professional video editing and marketing tips and tricks on our

Our dedicated team offers fast and comprehensive support to users and followers
alike in English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German,
Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Malay, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish,
Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.

KineMaster’s History

The KineMaster app is the brainchild of the video software company
NexStreaming. At a point in time when the company was developing highly
sought-after video streaming services for global flagships like Samsung, HBO,
and the MLB, they decided to create an app to address the needs of a new
generation of mobile video editors. In 2019, due to the massive success of the
app, NexStreaming became KineMaster.

Today, KineMaster has become a household name in mobile video editing.
KineMaster is managed by KineMaster Corporation and is headquartered in
Seoul, South Korea. To date, KineMaster has been downloaded more than
hundreds of millions of times.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
are Our Code

KineMaster’s leadership believes that celebrating our differences is what makes
us strong. KineMaster values having points of view from people of every background
and boasts members from countries all over the world, speaking more than
18 different languages. KineMaster values the contributions made by
a staff as diverse as its users, including but not limited to people
of color, women, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, and Veterans.