Discover KineMaster's New, Powerful Update!

March 13, 2024

Discover KineMaster's New, Powerful Update!

KineMaster version 7.4 brings more power and control to your editing with incredible, popularly requested, tools and features that let you take your videos to all new heights, for hobbyist and professional editors alike.

Introducing AI-powered Auto Captions! A quick solution for adding dynamic text captions to your videos! Also added are Property Keyframes, in-media Effects, and enhanced Pitch Control. Let’s zoom in for a closer look at what's new in KineMaster 7.4.

• Add subtitles 10x faster with Auto Captions!

One-tap, AI-powered captions make it easy to show what's being said for everyone watching with the sound off, in noisy places, and for accessibility. Captions can be added from any video clip or audio track imported into a KineMaster project, in a variety of different languages to reach viewers from around the world. Add visual focus, keep your viewers' interest, and add a touch of creative visual appeal to your videos with Auto Captions!

• Add Striking Visuals with Keyframes for Layer Properties

KineMaster 7.4 now supports keyframes to control many types of layer properties: Alpha (Opacity), Filters, Adjustments, and Effects. Create incredibly dynamic animations that change how your layers look and behave with Property Keyframes!

• Apply Effects Directly to Media Layers

Normally, Effect layers are applied to all videos and images that appear on the screen with them. In cases where that isn't the look you are going for, Effects can now be applied directly to a media layer, changing how only that layer appears. In-media effects add a whole new dimension to what's possible in KineMaster!

• Adjust Pitch Control for Audio Tracks

KineMaster 7.4 expands the Pitch control range from -12 to +12 to make your video sound as good as it looks. Pitch control can be applied to any video clip with sound or audio track for an all new listening experience!

Check out these new features (and more!) in KineMaster 7.4. Available on the App Store and Google Play!

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