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KineMaster: The best full-featured video editor for both iPhone and Android

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KineMaster gives anyone with a mobile device the ability to cut, order, transition between, and export video clips into polished, high-quality movies. KineMaster has a robust feature set wrapped in an easy-to-use interface.

KineMaster is used by social media influencers, businesses, and creative people everywhere to produce compelling video content. KineMaster's powerful tools, assets, and presets put the ability to create top-notch content in the palm of your hand.

Import video, images, and audio from your device. Cut, arrange, composite, and transition between your videos and images, taking advantage of KineMaster's video layer support (Layer support is dependent on the device's hardware capabilities).

Adjust how your video appears with preset color grading, blending modes, and color correction adjustment tools. Add effects, overlay graphics, text, or draw directly on your video with handwriting layers.

Then, export your project at up to 4K and 60fps! KineMaster saves video directly to your camera roll and lets you share your masterpiece directly to social media, chat, and other apps.

KineMaster was created and is updated and maintained by KineMaster Corporation, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. The company has a long history of developing video solutions for Internet and mobile platforms, working with OEMs to provide stock video editing capabilities, and with world-class streaming video apps. Learn more at Click here to learn more about the Company.

A subscription account to KineMaster deletes the watermark, removes ads on Android devices, unlocks all of the tool presets, and provides full access to Premium Assets on the KineMaster Asset Store.

Learn the basics of KineMaster’s workflow, up your skills with clever editing tricks, discover new techniques from our featured KineMasters on the KineMaster YouTube channel.

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