Discover the various ways to utilize Source Templates

September 5, 2023

Discover the various ways to utilize Source Templates

Source Templates are a new feature in KineMaster 7.2. With this feature, you can now see which template was used to create a template on the Mix template page.

What are Source Templates?

Source Templates refer to the original templates uploaded by users to Mix. These templates serve as a basic framework that other users can refer to or utilize for creating new videos.

Where can you find the information about Source Templates?

Now, on the Mix template details page, you can see which source template a specific template was made from. This information is explicitly displayed on the template details page, making it easy to understand which original template was used.


What are the advantages of Source Template information?

  • Boost Creativity: By observing how others creatively utilize the original templates to create unique works, you can enhance your own creativity.
  • Attribution of Works: Source Template information allows you to acknowledge the efforts of the original template creators and establish a culture of respecting copyright in content creation.
  • Strengthened Community Collaboration: By sharing and utilizing each other's work, the culture of collaboration and sharing within the KineMaster Mix community is enhanced.

The Source Template feature in KineMaster 7.2 helps you unleash your creativity and contributes to establishing a culture that respects copyright. Use this feature to create your own unique content!

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