Edit HEVC with Alpha video in KineMaster!

July 12, 2023

Edit HEVC with Alpha video in KineMaster!

KineMaster 7.1 is the first mobile video editing app to support HEVC with Alpha, or .mp4 videos with transparent backgrounds for Android, and joins an exclusive handful of apps that provide this feature on iOS devices. Cross-platform support for videos with transparent backgrounds makes it easy to create and share your own creations with everyone.

What is Alpha Video Editing?

HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) support for alpha channels allows videos to have transparent areas, which can be overlayed on top of other media in your KineMaster project to make truly impressive video content. Or, you can export your videos with transparent backgrounds for use in other software! This technology can be very useful in presentation software, such as Keynote, and allows ordinary users to create transparent videos for astonishing effect compositing.

Add Transparent Videos to Your KineMaster Projects!

KineMaster's support for alpha videos makes it easy to add them to your existing projects!

1. Launch the KineMaster app
2. Start a new project or load an existing one
3. Position the timestamp where you want to add a transparent video
4. Select Layer > Media
5. Select an alpha video

Or, follow along with this tutorial to learn how to make a video with a transparent background from scratch!
[YouTube link to Alpha Video tutorial]

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