Upscale Your Videos with Super Resolution

July 11, 2023

Upscale Your Videos with Super Resolution

Sometimes great footage is just impossible to get; you're using second-hand footage, filming conditions aren't ideal, or you're shooting with someone else's camera. That's where Super Resolution can help. Super Resolution uses state-of-the-art techniques to enhance low-resolution images and videos.

How Does Super Resolution Work?

Super Resolution uses AI technologies to improve the quality of a photo or video, making it appear clearer when saved at higher resolutions. With Super Resolution, sharpness, detail, and clarity can be improved for clearer and more vivid images and videos.

Super Resolution for Your Videos!

Super Resolution installs just like other KineMaster Assets:

1. Launch the KineMaster app
2. Start a new project or load an existing one
3. Select the image or video clip you want to enhance
4. Tap Super Resolution
5. Tap Get Plug-in and download the Super Resolution plug-in

Now you're ready to Super Resolution-ize your media!
6. Move the preview area by hand to select the part to apply the image quality restoration function to
7. Click Apply and wait for Super Resolution to complete upscaling your media

Super Resolution in KineMaster 7.1 makes creating high-quality content a snap. Super Resolution allows you to go close up and show details that were previously hard to make out.

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